How Puff in peace was born

We are the proud owners of the chain of the e-cigarette stores, Puff in Peace. We opened Puff in Peace in Wellington, Telford in April 2012. The store took off like a rocket and that spawned further shops in Wolverhampton (Chapel Ash and Penn Road), Walsall, Shrewsbury, Madeley, Stourbridge and St Georges. We loved to smoke and tried everything to give up cigarettes, but had never succeeded.

Change your habit. Change your life.


  This was four years ago and we haven't looked back since. It feels like our health has drastically improved, no more coughing or heavy breathing! We have given up conventional cigarettes but it doesn't feel like you are giving anything up. Now vaping feels more natural than smoking. We have now discovered the right equipment and feel that this is definitely a cheaper and healthier alternative. 

Join the smoking revolution and start   

               saving money today! 


Come along to one of our specialist stores, sit and chat with other vapers. The e-liquid nicotine strengths vary to suit all and the vapour only contains nicotine with none of the toxins you will find in cigarette smoke. You can potentially save thousands of pounds compared to what you would spend on cigarettes and they are completely legal to use in many places indoors, so come and visit Puff in Peace today.